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About Us

Based out of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, we are a group of Robotic Process Automation Developers who are determined to help out the little guy. We realize that many small businesses have redundant processes that a digital assistant could easily complete. By automating these processes, we allow small businesses to save time and money.   

What is RPA?

Robotic Process Automation, also known as RPA, is the creation and implementation of software bots, or digital assistants, that work alongside a human to expedite a process. Volomation creates, customizes, and implements these software bots in small businesses around the Pittsburgh area.

How We Can Improve Your Company


What We Do

Our Mission

Our Vision

How Are We Different

To ensure that businesses of all sizes can accurately improve any process within their company, we create, customize and then implement digital assistants that perform any process quickly without making mistakes.

In order to grow and develop, we have established one goal that we believe is essential to our success:


Ensure that every business we work with gains substantial value from our services in a pleasant and timely manner.


Currently, only "Corporate America" has access to the benefits that RPA can bring to a company.  We recognize this gap and intend to fill it by providing fast, thorough, and pleasant service to businesses of all sizes in the Pittsburgh area.  

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